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NJ Advantages

NJ Technologies offers many key advantages to its clients. These advantages bring additional value to the solutions that we provide.

  • Rich Experience:

    NJ Technologies boasts of a rich experience in technology management with over 12 years of rich accomplishments. It has first hand witnessed the technology evolution in the financial services industry and has been at the fore-front of this change, always adopting and evolving its business solutions. It has set high benchmarks, especially in the financial products distribution business, and through its many robust business solutions that power NJ Group.

    NJ Technologies experience today spreads to other businesses like Insurance Broking, Real Estate, Training & Development and Portfolio Management. With comprehensive experience across all business verticals, NJ Technologies offers a great advantage to businesses who look for scalable and integrated business solutions in diverse domains & functions.

  • Strong Technical Expertise

    NJ Technologies has stayed at the fore-front of changes in the industry, always adopting and changing its technical expertise and skills to match the emerging trends and demands of the industry. NJ Technologies today possesses a very rich blend of technical expertise in diverse domains like infrastructure management, database management and software development and testing.

    1. Languages - Java, PHP and WAP Technologies JSP, Servlets, XML, XSL, HTML, DHTML, WML, SSL, AJAX
    2. Database Development and Data Base Engines – Oracle , MySQL, MS SQL Server
    3. Application and Web Servers - Tomcat, Apache, WebSphere, JBoss
    4. Enterprise Technology - J2EE
    5. Development Framework – Spring
    6. QA – Manual and automated testing
    7. Mobile Technology – Mobile website, Mobile applications

  • Strong Domain Expertise

    Along with technical expertise, the strong domain expertise at NJ Technologies ensures that the solutions designed offer the best value. NJ Technologies has today acquired a rich set of diverse domain expertise that covers major functional areas in business; including Audit, Administration, Finance, Legal & Compliance, HR, Operations, Marketing, Research and Sales. Beyond functional expertise, NJ Technologies has in past successfully developed solutions meeting diverse business challenges in E-Communications, CRM, Corporate Finance, Employee Performance Management, Documentation, Audit Systems, Online Transaction & Payment systems, Client Reporting, Brokerage Systems and so on. At NJ Group, NJ Technologies has created an integrated ecology of proprietary solutions catering to the entire group's businesses, functions & activities. The ecology is competent to match any ERP / integrated solutions available in the industries we serve.

  • Strong Processes & Systems Culture

    NJ Technologies has a strong process & systems orientation, a part of the culture at NJ Group. With dedicated teams for Business Process Management even at functional levels, NJ Technologies has served the internal customers well. The culture has enabled greater focus on achieving greater levels of documentation, systems integration and automation, thus reducing costs, improving efficiency and optimising solutions. Clients of NJ Technologies stand to directly benefit from the process & system orientation as much as they would benefit from the fruits / solutions achieved because of it.

  • Industry Best Practices

    NJ Technologies has increasingly adopted the industry best practices that now promise to offer clients with additional advantages. Some of the best practices followed at NJ are:

    1. Defined SDLC process supported by an in-house comprehensive, WFM system
    2. Detailed system documentation at every step & phase of SDLC
    3. Strong Information Security best practices including policy & process frameworks & structures
    4. Bug tracking and analysis system
    5. Standard development frame work
    6. Dedicated R&D & DBM teams
    7. Quality focus & orientation towards open source technology helping clients save on developmental, implementation costs

  • Focus on open-source & NJ proprietary products

    NJ Technologies has always focused on building own systems that match business requirements, making the minimum use of third-party proprietary / paid solutions & soft-wares. There is also a strong orientation and adoption of open-source systems across NJ. As a part of our solutions, we do promote any third-party products and are not affiliated to any such vendors. This approach would be of great advantage to clients who can save on developmental, implementation costs minimising dependence on third-party paid solutions.

  • Lineage of NJ Group

    As a part of NJ Group, NJ Technologies today plays a critical role in empowering the group's endeavours and activities across all businesses. Being a part of NJ Group, it enjoys the confidence of having the strength and support for future growth and success in the IT industry.