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Portfolio Vista - Portfolio Management system

Overview / Brief of products

Portfolio Vista is a comprehensive solution for portfolio management for different products like Equity, MF and ETF with different asset classes and sub asset classes. Portfolio Vista covers both type of discretionary and non discretionary services.


  • Portfolio Management solutions for various products like Equity, MF and ETF
  • Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Services
  • Supports Pool and Non pool transactions of securities and Funds
  • Inbuilt algorithm which provides trigger for order generation
  • Receivable fees computation available for upfront, annualized, profit base
  • Payable fees computation can be done for Fund Manager, Sub broker
  • Client Accounting
  • Client online reporting
  • Non-discretionary client can authorize generated order


  • Bulk order generation for different products as per trigger set
  • Customize file formats of import/export for all types of transactions for different entities like Members, RTA, Exchange, Depositories and Banks
  • Fund managers can customize their portfolio on product , asset class and sub asset class level
  • Client can access different portfolio reports online
  • Multiple type of brokerage structure can be set


Following reports have multiple combination and filtration criteria with on screen, PDF and excel exports

  • Compliance reports
  • MIS Reports
  • Holding Report
  • Performance Report
  • Corpus Movement Report
  • Security Transaction Report
  • Client P&L and Balance Sheet Reports
  • Income & Expenditure Report
  • Transaction report
  • Brokerage report

Solution for following entities

  • Portfolio Managers
  • Banks
  • Asset Management company